Since it was founded in Annecy - France at the beginning of the 90's years, TRINUM is dedicated to program software package for ski resort technical data and guest information system management.

Our offered software and attached facilities can cover :

  • - Human resources, skilift / pisten bully / snow making system maintenance management,

  • - Guest information system management (webcams - more than 500 installations, data center for video channel broadcasting, leds information display...),

  • - Audio and video project design for transportation applications.


Today, TRINUM is working for 130 ski resorts, in the French, Swiss, Andorran, Scottish moutains.
Our organization is focused on the necessity to take in consideration the technical constraints of our clients and the ski resort management specificities.
Our equipments and services offers :

Webcams full HDTV fixed or mobile 360°, with zooms, films, 100% live.

Video zones with RFID system - touch.

Cameras tracking control of mobile event.


Video Monitors indoor - outdoor.
Panopistes displays, text or
graphics giant LED.

Modules web flash and HTML5

Integration kits for your sites

Platform for mobile applications

Printing photos (sleds, air bag, ...)





Supervising audio&video


Camview - Automatic tracking of stops




Management softwares



Maintenance - Reports


Operations - Emergency


Purchases - Stocks - Budgets


Human Resources